There are five goals we plan to achieve during the Summit on Digital Diplomacy and Governance that will take place in Malta.

First. We will bring diplomats, tech envoys, digital policy experts, and other officials from around the world together to discuss the most pressing issues in digital governance right now. We’ve planned a rich programme which we have co-created with our experts.

Second. We will think beyond traditional narratives and hype, and try to find new solutions for the new era. Overrated blue-sky narratives around AI, the metaverse, and quantum technology? We see through them. Diplo experts will contribute to the discussions.

Third. We will dedicate a part of the programme to facilitate a consultation on the Global Digital Compact, the initiative launched by the UN Secretary-General in 2021 which will be agreed upon at the UN Summit of the Future in 2024. 

Fourth. We will launch our latest report, ’Stronger Digital Voices from Africa’, with insights on how Africa can build its digital foreign policy and diplomacy. It’s not only of relevance for Africa but also for a globally inclusive digital future.

Fifth. Last but not least, we will celebrate Diplo’s 20th anniversary!