‘Diplo’s roots can be traced back to 1992, when we realised there was a need to merge ICT tools with diplomatic practice. Computers were quickly becoming important, and the world was changing fast. It meant that diplomacy also needed to adapt quickly to a new playing field.’ Prof. Jovan Kurbalija, founding Director of Diplo recalls. 

Ten years after that, Diplo was established as a not-for-profit foundation by the governments of Malta and Switzerland.

Our upcoming Summit on Digital Diplomacy and Governance will take place exactly 20 years after Diplo was established on 20 November 2002. It will be a double celebration: 20 years of Diplo, as well as 30 years of education and research on how digitalisation is impacting diplomacy and policy. 

And what a journey it’s been! We’ve been constantly evolving, expanding, and adapting our priorities in line with our original vision: working to foster innovation, inclusion, and impartiality in digital governance and diplomacy.

We invite you to visit our Diploversary page to celebrate with us; discover more about our history, and to hear what colleagues and faculty members have to say about this incredible organisation. 

So here’s to Diplo and many anniversaries to come!